UK banks to phase out remote working

Working from home became the norm during the Covid-19 pandemic and is seen by many as one of the few positive outcomes of lockdown. However, the golden days of logging on wearing your pyjamas could soon be over, as many banks are now launching plans to roll back remote working and get staff back into the office as much as possible. 


FINMA highlights AML shortcomings in Swiss banks

After looking into the anti-money laundering efforts of 30 major banks over the spring, Swiss financial regulator, FINMA, has published a new set of guidelines, outlining its findings and highlighting measures Swiss banks must take to improve their protections against money laundering – a longstanding problem in the region. 


Are CBDCs a non-starter?

CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) have been lauded by many as the next logical step for governments looking to keep pace with the growing demand for crypto currencies. But recently, interest in this area of finance seems to be waning, with a survey by the CFA Institute suggesting the financial industry is divided on CBDCs.