New Features

RiskBusiness adds new features to Graci by RiskBusiness, the RiskIntelliSet and to the Risk Content on a regular basis, based on the annually updated RiskBusiness Solutions Development Plan and on industry demand. Information on recently added features can be found both in the relevant solutions areas and brochures and on this page.

The Equivalency Checker allows firms to check whether the intended destination of any data transfer which may contain personally identifiable information is considered equivalent to or adequate for the purposes of the data source jurisdiction’s data privacy rules and requirements.

Available as both an integrated component within the Graci Risk Module and as a standalone tool, the Equivalency Checker supports user configurable questionnaires, the preparation of a list of remedial requirements per target destination and an audit trail evidencing all checks made.

September 2021

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The Industry Risk Maps are map-based visualisations of different risk factors a firm may face in operating or interacting with different countries and geographic regions. Available within the Graci Intelligence module, available maps cover corruption, fraud, cybercrime, biocapacity, ecological threats, human trafficking, the risk of non-payment, etc.

June 2021

Graci by RiskBusiness employs augmented machine learning data collection applications, known as “Crawlies”, to harvest relevant data, then to apply business rules such as classification or business applicability to the harvested data, prior to generating notifications to relevant people.

The Regulations Crawlie focusses on collecting regulatory rules, guidance and announcements, then monitoring previously collected rules and regulations for future changes.

January 2021