RiskBusiness Rebrands and Launches Graci 360° GRAC Solution

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, July 14, 2020 – RiskBusiness, the leading provider of governance, risk, audit and compliance solutions for the financial services industry globally today unveiled its new branding, logo and corporate website, simultaneously releasing Graci, the fully integrated governance, risk, audit and compliance (GRAC) solution. Graci joins the RiskIntelliSet, a GRC solution, and RiskBusiness’ Risk Content solutions, consisting of the Taxonomy Library, KRI Library (www.KRIeX.org), Scenario Library, Regulations Library and Newsflash Library.

Mike Finlay, RiskBusiness CEO and Chief Product Architect commented “Graci is something new. The GRC market typically excluded the needs of the internal audit function, while providing very limited governance functionality. Graci is designed for 360° vision, integrating all of the requirements of the socalled Second and Third Lines of Defence, along with corporate governance needs. Add to this the power of unsupervised machine learning, cognitive AI, an intelligent digital assistant and configurable data harvesting apps and the result is a new paradigm for informed business and risk decision making. As more and more of our clients adopt Graci, they share our excitement in pushing the boundaries of true enterprise-wide governance, risk, audit and compliance management.”

Contact Information RiskBusiness:

Mike Finlay, CEO mike.finlay@riskbusiness.com

Carrie Cook, Editor carrie.cook@riskbusiness.com

More information on RiskBusiness can be found at www.riskbusiness.com 

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