New Whitepaper on the Risks Associated with Recovering From a Virus

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 13, 2020 – Stay at Home! Simple words which took many countries around the globe into varying states of lock-down and social distancing as the COVID-19 pandemic spread unchecked from its origins in China across the globe, resulting in many firms directing employees to work remotely from home. Far less simple will be recovering from such a work from home regime, returning to “normal” working conditions back at the office.

While many firms will focus on keeping staff safe at work with appropriate social distancing measures, shift working and staggered hours, fewer will focus specifically on the risks introduced from having employees working remotely. What has happened to the corporate assets used while working remotely? Have we returned to an appropriate level of IT security or are there now loopholes in our cyber defences? What about personally identifiable information which employees may have had access to? What non-work purposes were firm devices used for? What digital footprints now exist on such firm devices?

RiskBusiness, the leading governance, risk, audit, compliance and intelligence specialists, have released a public white paper titled Recovering from a Virus to assist firms undertake an appropriate assessment of the risks arising from lock-down. The white paper outlines areas for firms to focus on and suggests questions to ask, such as those asked above, to identify risks the firm may face.

The white paper is available for immediate download and use. In support of the white paper, RiskBusiness has also developed and released an online diagnostic tool to assist firms assess their risks and determine the appropriate remedial actions necessary to counter those risks.

The diagnostic tool, already deployed in RiskBusiness’ global client-base uses an online questionnaire which can be distributed to all staff who worked from home to complete and return, then allows for the analysis of the responses and the identification of areas requiring attention.

Contact Information RiskBusiness:

Mike Finlay, CEO

Carrie Cook, Editor 

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